About the Creator

Immersed in the arts from a young age, Sarah Kleinman has always viewed herself as creatively inclined; with the encouragement of her parents and grandparents—avid art collectors and sponsors of Denver’s fine arts—Sarah learned the importance of a well-rounded education, including an emphasis in the visual arts. Sarah received her artistic training from influential educators and artists who recognized her ease for adopting and experimenting with new techniques and mediums.

As a political science student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Sarah satiated her desire to pursue art with the addition of the Art and Art History degree program. Sarah earned bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Art and Art History in May 2010. During this time, her confident and colorful style emerged with extensive research and exploration of various mediums.

Practiced in painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, sound art and photography, Sarah continues to produce a diverse body of work. Sarah’s paintings are largely experiments with movement, hue, texture and perspective to create abstract representations of the natural world. Sarah manipulates pigment with a printmaking technique, creating duplicate, receding images that “dance” across the canvas. Her work has moved towards abstract realism and deconstructed landscapes.

Sarah has received numerous commissions, one of which is a large-scale mural at Sonny’s Rocks Fine Jewelry in Denver. In August 2010, Sarah was invited as a solo exhibitionist at Alpine Herbal Wellness and Gallery in Cherry Creek, a prominent cultural center in Denver, Colorado. Sarah’s work has been featured in international exhibitions located in Guatemala, Mexico City, and the United Arab Emirates.

Sarah currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where she continues her experiments with painting, drawing, sculpting and photography. An avid writer, Sarah documents her artistic encunters and culinary creations on her blog, seacreatively.wordpress.com. She plans to return to school for a Masters in Fine Arts and Literature.


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