Lightened Up French Toast

Rich and savory with a hint of sweetness; crisp edges with a fluffy middle, begging for fresh fruit, a drizzle of maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar….Are you hungry yet?  Yes, I speak of French Toast. The queen of breakfast dishes. I was on a mission to devise a recipe that replicated the best parts of this dish while eliminating excess calories.  Voila: … Continue reading Lightened Up French Toast

How To Jazz Up Frozen Waffles

Crunched for time? Limited ingredients? Fear no more, with a little creativity you can transform frozen waffles from lackluster to spectacular. Start with some yogurt and raisins; fresh fruit will further elevate the dish. Mix it up using different flavors of yogurt and types of fruit. Try them without using syrup; the yogurt adds the desired sweetness without adding empty calories. Ingredients: 2 frozen waffles … Continue reading How To Jazz Up Frozen Waffles

Steel Cut Oats – Breakfast of Champions!!!

There’s nothing better than a delicious, hot breakfast before work.  It’s argued that steel cut oats are healthier than rolled oats because they are minimally processed; plus, you can make a big batch on Sunday night to last you the entire work week (it’s better to do it this way because they take about 25 minutes to cook, but they’re definitely worth the time!!!). Here’s … Continue reading Steel Cut Oats – Breakfast of Champions!!!