Topic: How Do You Define a Friend?

I am compelled to address this topic after spending an enjoyable evening with my great friend, Dave. This is a model friendship; of course it is unique to just us two, but to another set of friends it feels unmistakably familiar.

Our personalities are quite different but we enjoy the same hobbies: food, cooking experiments, adventures, being active. We acknowledge each other’s goals and hold ourselves accountable in our decisions to reach them. We confide in and offer honest advice to one another about big and small obstacles and frustrations.

Most importantly, we LAUGH. What isn’t remotely funny to a stranger is pure genius to us (the best part about a friendship are the jokes only us friends understand). A friend is someone who makes you smile for hours after you hang out. You can be who you are without reservations when you are together. A great friend reestablishes who you are and what you’re passionate about. Even after a friendship fades, one can look back and say, “WOW, they were a truly exceptional friend”.


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