Navigating the Social Space

By mid-September 2018, I had been out of the hospital for about a week. It was time to see a GI specialist in Woodbrook, Port of Spain. My rideshare was downstairs. I was running late. The elevator seemed to take forever to lurch up to the third floor. Continue reading “Navigating the Social Space”

Photo of chayote squash attributed to SKas [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Parmesan Christophine Casserole

Since arriving in Trinidad, I’ve gradually incorporated local veggies and produce into my diet. I’m saving money and broadening my culinary horizons. Continue reading “Parmesan Christophine Casserole”


When I first heard about this quintessential Trini street food, my first thought was, double…of what? Doubles because it’s nearly impossible to limit yourself to one. Continue reading “Doubles”

Mural in Maloney, Trinidad & Tobago

Project Unity: Muraling in Maloney

Muraling with the Caribbean Fashion and Arts Feature Festival EAST YARD crew was a defining experience my work with The Fulbright Program thus far.
Continue reading “Project Unity: Muraling in Maloney”

Football field at dusk

Towards a New Chapter

As time passes, my week-long hospital stay and subsequent month of recovery receding into the past, I have decided that this is not the platform to rehash or drudge up memories of that painful ordeal. Running a marathon at a sprinter’s pace is not sustainable. In the marathon of graduate school, I had become the sprinter. Everything halted when I arrived in Trinidad, forcing a … Continue reading Towards a New Chapter