And so it begins!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 12:03 p.m. EST. As Caribbean countries began reporting results to Fulbright semi-finalists, I braced myself for rejection. I distracted myself by walking the long corridor outside my office. My eyes fixed on my phone, I mindlessly checked my email. Subject: On Behalf of the J. William…. I halted, forcing myself to read each word aloud. On behalf of the J. William … Continue reading And so it begins!

Retro Post: Change of Pace

The following post is dated July 28, 2012. Drafted two years before I started thinking of grad school, this post signals the transition from Scottsdale, AZ to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have resisted the urge to edit and polish some of its glaring errors. It is a snapshot of my intellectual maturity and priorities circa 2012… My posts have been lacking recently because my life has … Continue reading Retro Post: Change of Pace